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Exactly as astrology explain the contact, now I'm feeling suffocated. Terzo I won't be able to comment more than what I wrote above or other than general aspect definitions. His sun is conjunct my North Node in capricorn. If he is a positive force in helping you with your confidence, that's a good thing! My Saturn conjuncts my south node but I can't run away from responsibilities, and her Venus conjuncts her south node but she can't disown her Venus traits, we're so attracted to each other, I'm cancer she's Pisces so we both believe in soulmates. Semiquintile Marte congiunto al Nodo Sud . My comment is about a woman I met and we can't seem to be away from each other for very long, very intense feelings on both sides. The attraction was likely instant. Thanks for visiting! While these connections are not always romantic, many of them are, but can also be people you meet to help or inspire, support or guide towards each others life's purpose. ♏ ♎ The ASC is known as the looking glass, how we experienced life through what lense. Our North Node is new terrain, new experiences that help develop us further. Thanks much. Primo Which Synastry Aspects indicate marriage? Incongiunto Complesso Wow, thanks, Zahara Star! Double Whammy. In astrology, the Moon's Nodes (the Dragon's Head and Tail) are not planets in the strict astronomical sense, but rather sensitive points on the ecliptic, where the pathway of the Moon crosses the course of the Sun. The South Node connections are Karmic both good and bad, depending on the Karma with the person. Much appreciated. hello , saturn square north node and south node whats is the meaning this aspects ? Luna You naturally pursue what you know or what your good at (well it's really a soul imprint or memory within), so again in this lifetime you become a teacher because that's where you are comfortable and have prior lifetime experience, however, your soul is not really growing in experience, perhaps you wanted to be a world traveler or a rocket scientist? it was just some flash and some speech from inside) in 2012 thru which my consciousness has elevated. North Node in the 1st House. Lagertha• Posted on 11/11/2016, 11:10 +1 . Pesci From the little I could find, this is apparently a very intense EMOTIONAL attraction. Imagine that you will live forever, that reincarnation is true, when we die we re-incarnate and are expected to do things differently, or experience new things. Scorpione The True North Node is more popular likely because it sounds more correct or “true” but there are still many astrologers who prefer the Mean North Node of the Moon. – Nodo Nord in Leone, Nodo Sud in Acquario: siamo qui per ruggire e farci ascoltare: l’eretico esiliato che emerge dal Nodo Sud in Acquario è qui ora per far sentire la sua presenza al mondo e per raggiungere questo obiettivo sono necessarie una serie di abilità teatrali e politiche, necessarie per imparare ad apparire plausibile e convincente. Please note that the tables and calculator show the True North Node values which vary slightly from the Mean North Node. Still early to feel like I already know him and there is not much to find out. star31 In synastry, among many other contacts we have an exact Sun-Sun opposition (Aries/Libra), 1° Saturn-Saturn (Taurus-Scorpio) opposition, his Mars conjunct my Moon and opposing my Venus, which is also conjunct his Saturn and square his Pluto. Making you stronger in yourself and what you expect from love. It can be said people with the North Node in Scorpio and the South one in Taurus love sitting all day and not stressing about anything. South Node Connections feel very similar to Saturn Conjunctions, that feel fated, and from the past. When I think about an alternative, I am not able to find anything. These connections are most commonly found within close associates, family members and long-term married couples. This is what most astrologers believe since we can often see that past lives are seen in Astrology. Involving the NN, this is especially true. Saturno Good luck! Sometimes, “obvious” marriage indicators (i.e. Past life lover? Bad Karma is burned off through good behavior, love, respect and kindness overcomes all, and releases karmic implications. We will see, I am interested in hearing about anyone else that has a south node connection and what happened with them. We've known each other for a year as friends. Since it involves Venus and the Moon which is one of the most if not the most pleasant and supportive aspects two can have. You should be able to google, the symbol of the North Node and then look for it in your charts and see if any planets aspect this symbol:). The Sun perhaps being he reminds, carries himself, or presents himself in a manner that reminds of you someone from your past or a familiar feel? Yes that is interesting..!because of both north and south node being activated by personal planets. star212 However, it is also representative of our life purpose. Giove In my personal experience, I learnt a lot from those relationships. : Der springende Punkt der Diskussionen besteht in dem Verhältnis zwischen geistigen Eigentumsrechten und Fragen der öffentlichen Gesundheit. This pairing is a strong indication of a binding tie between you. Luna To me it does seem that we would remain close friends. Past life connections are not always positive. Sagittario :) Past life, or early life are both applicable. South Node connections are often vaguely familiar. I actually have this with a girl I like (fallen HARD for her), and we have this conjunction. A very stong feeling of belonging "of the same tribe". star632 Those are very powerful connections, definitely sounds like there was some past life relationship with him. Undicesimo My NN is in Taurus and Im a Libra sun. Sex has never been pleasurable due my upbringing and insecurities. Say not, 'I have found the path of the soul.' lol Could you tell me exactly what that indicates please? b. Or I attract to them. Sole Il nodo delle discussioni verte sulla relazione tra i diritti di proprietà intellettuale e le questioni di sanità pubblica. Hi Aida, Yes indeed! Bilancia asc. I don't have a strong ego too and can easily mix with people from all walks of life. I love the way you think- and I agree completely! The North Node represents the kinds of experiences that we must work to develop in order to work with our karma and to grow spiritually. Sole Piazza Pallade Atena. Il Tema Natale è lo schema della posizione dei pianeti nel preciso luogo e momento della nascita rispetto alla linea dell’orizzonte ad est, Ascendente, e ad ovest, Discendente e del punto più alto del cielo, Zenit o Medium Coeli e del punto più basso, Nadir o Imum Coeli. ♒ On they don't actually show the South Node symbol, although it's not shown it is Opposite the North Node so the sign that your North Node is in, the South Node would is directly Opposite( in the Opposite Sign.) Sole Congiunzione Lilith. Nodo Nord Articoli - Sinastria: studio delle compatibilità nella coppia. Altre traduzioni. Nodo nord vergine nodo sud leone. So what does it mean when someone's south node conjuncts someone else's vertex? Hi AQUSCORP- Indeed those are some wonderful aspects that will make for a very close connection which with the South Node often involves a past life connection and especially since it's going both ways. Opposizione Cancro What would it mean for one person's Sun/SN conjunction (3 minutes) to be conjunct within 3 degrees to my AC in Aries? It's scary but i say ride it out and see what becomes of it. However, it most certainly seems your roots are in the past and you have unfinished business. They instill a sense of new and are not always comfortable at first. My Mercury is 2 minutes squared her SN/Sun (our tightest aspect) and Her Mercury is 3 degrees squared my nodes. Yes I did have a feeling like " I want to take care of you" and he seemed to know me too well especially my sexual style that I didn't even know myself. gratuito Biblioteca di astrologia. It is a coincidenc? Yes it absolutely can mean a secret crush, or secret motive on the negative. Here comes the struggle, because I have come to realize (maybe thru my past lives) that I dont have to be a leader and I am very happy with just doing anything or NOTHING, that is to take the path of seclusion or to do a simple job like gardening etc but definitely not a leader in IT company.Now, I am not sure what to do. Quarto Vergine Sesto His mars is also opposite my moon. How's your opinion about this placement? and do you have any other aspects made to the north node or the south? In general south node connections are past life relationships, the planets involved play a role and the aspects made along with the whole overall theme of the charts. ♌ Dodicesima, Contracts: So very beautifully written, your thoughts and mine are closely knit. Everything was so familiar. It's familiar so you can understand each other. . Thanks for your great articles!Leah, If anyone else want's to share they're experience with South Node connections please do:). Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful article :), Your very Welcome Darling! In Beziehungen werden starke Verschmelzungssehnsüchte wach und körperliche und seelische Erlebnisse der Entgrenzung gesucht. Hi Kay! Yes! Nono The sex was out of this world between us. Sole Piazza Hera. Also his moon conj my NN . Right now some powerful transits are heightening the underlying psychic tension, though—maybe some sort of additional resolution or reparation is required, as Sun-Venus on the NN in the composite 8th might indicate? ♍ Una lilith in stretta congiunzione al nodo nord di una persona cosa può indicare? Un incrocio tra Nord e Sud La stabilità in comune Una forte interdipendenza Lo sbocco mediterraneo. Given the strongly posited nodal contacts, it feels like this is a critical task. Vergine It's usually the opposite of what we have been doing and what we already know. Hi there!Great article! Venere I would like to understand... Oh by the way, your article is really good... Hugs. Biseptile The Nodes of the Moon represent points of personal karmic imbalance.. I am interested in hearing your take on how it feels actually being in it:). Also indicating a relationship in the Future (NN) which are not to be lived out in this life but perhaps the next? Leurs reporter et caméraman seront au carrefour. Terzo Not quite sure if I can get a response about my question, I'm not so good with astrology, just learning now. Unfortunately, I couldn't say for sure why this might be happening I would have to see the whole picture. Secondo Sole Congiunzione Vertex. My North Node Squares his North Node AND my South Node squares his South Node. Plus hes VERY kind and nice to me..uncharacteristically. and what purpose you would need to look at what house the NN is in the composite and your personal NN individually. The relationship seems “meant to be” in some way, and you may have met under unusual circumstances. I did a regression a few weeks ago that showed me I was with someone in the past and they left me and I was miserable for the rest of my life and distanced myself from everyone, especially my family. Other Node aspects: H's moon is squared to R's NN, both R and H's Plutos are conjunct each other's NN, both R and H's Neptunes are sextile to each other's NN, H's Venus is sextile R's NN and trine his SN, and R's Moon is sextile H's SN and Trine her NN. I have a friend, wich I have a little romantic interest and I have been seeing our synastry, and I found that my sun and mars make a square to her north node, my mercury and uranus make a sextile to her north node, my pluto conjuncts her north node... on her side, her venus makes a semi-sextile to north node, her uranus and neptune make squares to my north node and her ascendant makes a conjunct to my south node... does it mean something karmic? 4907 I'm guessing we were lovers and he screwed me over big time, it doesn't help the my moon is opposite my NN and I always felt like I was stuck emotionally in the past and meeting the first guy was like ripping of an old band aid I never knew I had. Sole Piazza Chirone. Progressivo Hi, the Vertex tends to bring about people in which we would benefit from by incorporating some of there traits represented by the planet or in your case the North Node. - How would a relationship with a north node square feel, compared to the north node conjunction relationship?Thanks in advance! This is why it's not so easy and often scary to reach our North Nodes. The South Node represents those experiences and qualities that come naturally to us, that are over-developed, and that we tend to fall back on. I have the square with my current bf with his Venus and my NN. These are in perfect opposition to each other. He kept looking at me saying "gosh are you sure we haven't met before. I'm always drawn and feel deeply in love with most Gemini guy. This is really helpful info and matches my experience—I’m researching a double whammy exact Mars square to the nodes (his also square my Pluto) with someone I've spent a lot of time near every day for a few years (not together—he's married); this gives us composite Mars precisely conjunct the south node at critical-degree 29°59' Cancer (so, composite NN in Capricorn, conjunct Sun/Venus which thus also oppose Mars). I feel that he'll contact me in future.Many unsettled business happened in this connection. Though I just found out another conjunction...his second house Saturn conjunct my second house Mars. However, In your birth chart, it would look like a U or similar symbol to Leo, I can't add it here to show you, it won't let me. When the Ascendant conjuncts the North Node or South Node in synastry, there is an immediate and powerful connection between two people. Nodo ascendente, o Nodo lunare Nord, è quello relativo al passaggio della Luna attraverso il piano dell'eclittica (orbita del Sole) da Sud verso l'emisfero Nord; Nodo discendente, o Nodo lunare Sud, è quello relativo al passaggio della Luna da Nord verso l'emisfero australe. Capricorno Sole Sestile Vertex. Hi Om! The 2nd house is the house of I have, usually what you own, or buy, earn or acquire. Simplify, simplify. LILITH im Aspekt zu Neptun: - Der Wunsch, die Welt des Irdischen hinter sich zu lassen, ist mit diesem schwarzen Mond oft eine große Triebfeder. Generally speaking Mercury usually indicates a relationship in early childhood, youth, siblings or a neighbor ect.. mutual reception with the aspects such as mutual square reflects intellectual differences or a lesson to be learned from one another through your different perceptions, but also the double whammy says the lesson is for both of you as well as reflecting a unusual psychic connection which is usually a result of knowing one another in a past life. Thanks for visiting:) Yes, you each bring something to the other in which each can benefit by learning more of and applying to each of your lives, in balance. Nettuno Hi.His n node conjucts my mercury,in 5 house for both.Also my sun and south node are in my 5 house.So in my 11 house where i have mynorth node he has his south node.i think its helpfull since our past experiences help the each other to evolve.Is it correct? Quintile Jason I too experienced this. Hi Zaharastar,Great blog! The second guys Venus conjucts my NN orb 0 and his Uranus squares it. I feel, I will eventually move to a deserted place and spend time in doing meditation alone but I also feel that its not the right time to go for it as I will hear the call inside me for the move. The houses would depict more and the signs on the houses as well. ♓, Compleanno The moon represents our instincts, our moods, our feelings and emotional responses along with how we nurture, feel nurtured, the wo... Don't forget to check out your monthly love horoscopes ! Venus Conjunct South Node is usually a powerful connection, that may be from a past life. in chart her mars conjucting my venus and her south node also conjucting my sun and mars. Sole Sestile Lilith. Is this relationship karmic? da 0 fino Tutti! Sole Congiunzione La Parte di Fortuna. He will expose you and have strong inspiration and experience coming from the group perspective and the importance of working in unison together as a team, or about friendship, being part of a group. Trine L' ATTRAZIONE FISICA NELLA SINASTRIA. Hi I was wondering about south node conjunct Saturn(double whammy) with my eros. his saturn sagittarius square my north node pisces and south node virgo my saturn scorpio square his nn verseau and souht node leo ..thanks you so much regards. What my path should be or if I should look for someone else. Saturno Great job!The 12th house plays heavily in karma and past lives, it rules this area and Yes the rulers and their positions along with planets, the node positions and aspects made to all, to understand more clearly. Thanks for reading! To hard to say here dear, I really can't say without seeing the whole picture, sorry. Crossings Determining marriage from a synastry chart can be challenging. Urano Similarly, the 12th house can bring us our "soul mate" or enemy, it all depends on the Karma, the Nodes work much the same. Thanks, Hello Zahara Star,My friends seventh house Venus conjuncts my seventh house Moon+South Node.And my ninth house Venus conjuncts his ninth house Mercury+South Node.We are very close friends ...but I also keep picking out other vibes from him too. I am very deeply inclined to spiriatuality (not religious:-)) and have got the feeling that I am surely an old soul. The Nodes in synastry when activated are very powerful connections, and often karmic which can be old karma to be worked out with the SN past life ties, or to pull you out of your comfort zone by showing you new things to break you out of old patterns helping you evolve towards your North Node. I have powerful planets including sun, moon and mercury conjunct my north node in Leo. We seem have similar connection. Do you have any info on north node squares, and how are they different from conjunctions? Both R's and H's NN is in Libra (in R's 2nd house) and Both SN's are in Aries (R's 8th house). I loro giornalisti e cameraman ci stanno aspettando all'incrocio. South Node connections are quite powerful but can sometimes be hard to get off the ground, other times they feel so comfortable neither one of you can resist. Hi, I have a question about mars and sun square the nodes in synastry. My SN is in 6th house (as usually) in Aquarius with Venus.Some additional placements : Moon and Asc together in Virgo.Sun, Mercury and Mars all together in 7th house Pieces, Exalted Jupiter in 11th Cancer (in Saturn's star).Situation in life : I have gone thru a self realization of sort (Don't know why how etc. Plutone Rating. However, I need to see charts to truly say it's really the only way, because aspect by aspect is never accurate their are too many factors at play and some aspects override others, and some enhance, the whole chart(s) need to be analyzed. - In which the 12th North Node calling want's you tap into your more mystical, and spiritual side, relying less on logic and the details and more on the intangible, faith but also taking time out, and getting in touch with the inner you. It gradually changed my thought process, relationship and the way I see life. In your case, it's your creative communication abilities, self expression, and individualization. However, also seen in Star-Crossed Lovers, whom never seem to get off the ground, or the relationship was karmic or simply served a purpose. I feel he has so much to teach me about love and this time, I might listen:) I have been stubborn with these connections in the past. My Gemini south node is in my 4th house of cancer and I have a moon in Gemini and have always tried my best to make connections with people and not be so distant, gosh it's amazing how it all works! I probably just need to sit tight and wait for these transits to move on!The endless fascination of both astrology and tarot (as well as numerology, psychology, and all the esoteric metaphysical systems that strive to reveal us to ourselves) reminds me of a favorite Gibran quote—"For self is a sea boundless and measureless. ♈ Sole Sestile Nodo Nord. Demetra Hi!I'm loving your blog!Do you have any more information about the nodes?I have a friend whose mercury and venus conjunct my north node. I would also say that this relationship with him friend or lover will be very healing to you. I can't find much information on it. This is with my cousin who I haven't met since I was a baby..and just recently met her and I got this really eerie feeling that I couldn't put my finger on.. Any insight would be great!Thank you again, ~Aubrey~. Le chemin commence à un carrefour. Next - H's Venus is conjunct hers AND R's Saturn, which falls on R's Ascendant in a perfect conjunction. Vertex As for now it's really only general information that I can give. His NN is Libra and his sun is Taurus. Nodo Nord The squares in my opinion are very similar to a conjunction. North and South Node contacts are tricky some are good and some not so good, especially with the Conjunctions or Squares. Però la luna e giove vi riconciliano. Wow, that's why i knew i met this person before. : Il nodo della questione è che la liberalizzazione del commercio si scontra con l'idea di uno sviluppo equo. His Mercury, Venus and Juno all conjunct my SN, while my Moon and Juno conjunct his NN. But I still wonder if the second guy was there to help subconsciously get over the first guy or if it was an indication of a future love? :)I have two questions. The soul unfolds itself, like a lotus of countless petals." He has something about love to teach you, pay attention to what that is..I am not certain it's Karmic in the typical sense, but it would be a indication that he was incarnated in a similar way that you have been in this life the last time around. Marte If the North Node is in the First House in your natal chart, by consciously developing natural talents and abilities, you break free of a deep belief that you should place others needs before your own. We went out a few times and i swear i knew him before. La Parte di Fortuna document.write(TOL.getFullYear()); BUT..then again, you need to see how the Sun is aspected as well, it it is poorly aspected it could have been a negative influence where there was jealousy or suppression of the others confidence. The soul walks not upon a line, neither does it grow like a reed. star632 My Moon and her NN are conjunct, her Moon and my NN are conjunct. my partners NN. Quinto Binovile - Hi there, Iam wondering about vertex square North node in synastry. Scorpione star611 I have Leo stellium including sun, moon, mercury and north node in my 3rd house. I'm 23 now and recently got into astrology and looked up my synastry with them both. People that make a close aspect with one of their personal planets to our South Node, can sometimes cause us anxiety or a feeling of unease, if this is the state there might be some Karma that needs to be worked out. Mercurio Also if you were siblings the psychic connection could be passed on through genetics, it's too complicated to write here sorry! I've my moon conjunct his SN and his mars conjunct my SN. H has Cancer Sun, Jupiter conjunct in Cancer. however, the NN connections with Venus and Mars are indicating short lived in this life, because the lesson in love(Venus) and Mars (sex) (in a romantic relationship i use those two representative planets because, they are the two most potent drives in love:) NN contacts are to pull you closer to your path they are usually experiences that make you feel somehow contained to help re-believe in love in it's real form; not hold onto, south node (Past, Karma). Bilancia It all depends on each others Karma, timing, and individual natal charts for any potential blockers etc.. Hello Zahara Star,Thank you for your insight. Hi Sas Tom! ♉ Your Moon in his 8th explains the depth of attraction you have for him. The deal is that you incarnated, with the talents and abilities to fulfill your life path because you carried over talents from your past life(south-node Very fortunate you have a shorter distance to travel so to speak:). Lilith bilancia lilith Scorpione. We had our moons conjunct our south node. Aiuto What I can say is that the Sun aspects with South Node are generally Male, or someone in authority or Father, but even then that's just one of the many possibilities !! A guy I used to be obsessed with for 3 years back when I was 13 couldn't stand me, it felt as though he was extremely drawn to me but still didn't like me, we used to pick on each other a lot and seemed as though he would avoid any real contact with me I eventually got over him although it was extremely painful for me, after him I started to like a guy who was 2 years younger and it was so strange I was really drawn to him and we had a pleasant friendship my feelings were strong but not obsessive like with the first guy, we eventually also parted ways. Gemelli Say not, 'I have found the truth,' but rather, 'I have found a truth.' Acquario Hello! Thank You:) The Moon Nodes are known as the North and South Node it's not the same to have Sun conjunct Moon. A knob, knot, protuberance, or swelling. The timing of meeting him while you were going through a divorce has some importance as well all things work together including timing!, but without seeing the rest of the charts and other aspects I can't say for sure. Hi Aubry, Thank you for visiting and I apologize for my long delay, I try to get back to everyone but now a days it's near impossible because I get so busy. He will also be supportive of your hopes and wishes, and can help you manifest them. Pallade Atena Hera However, without looking at your Whole Chart, I can't really say much more because all things need to be taken into consideration Your last sentence screams Saturn in the 12th and North Node in the 12th as well as much of what you have stated. If the relationship was that of betrayal or some other malicious intent, then your interaction may produce feelings of uneasiness and experience an unrequited love or a heartbreak. The North Node is the new direction or life experience, and when we try to fall back on habits of the South Node. I have a quick question for you. Meanwhile the infinite and intricate byways are so much fun to explore :)After posting earlier I wanted to see if I'd had the double-whammy Mars-square-nodes connection with anyone else I know, and flew through the sixty or so charts I've compiled of family, friends, etc, searching just the nodal aspects. è una coppia astrale strana: il sole va in direzione opposta, lo stesso dicasi per altri astri importanti, come marte ad esempio. ♊ If the South Node is in the Seventh House in your chart, selfish attitudes lead to disharmony in marriage and partnerships. - So strange and the coincidence of it all makes me shiver! Regardless their will be a sense of purpose to your meeting that carries with it a strong feeling of belonging, similarity and comfort that will be hard to let go of and will be carried out, long into the future. Sole Sestile Pallade Atena. - Acquario Also, H has her moon in Cancer with a weak opposition to R's moon/Venus. The sun person will say and do things that make the node person open up their potentials. Margarida Bretoldo, Olga Zazuliska e Marlene Santos. What is mean? ♐ Bilancia So you would look for aspects from Yours or His planets, Sun, Moon, Venus ect.. to this symbol in the natal chart. Primo There is too much missing information. When i found this out it made perfectly good sense. Ad esempio, Venere di Victoria Beckham è congiunta al nodo Sud di David Beckham. Sestile it could be that in the past the Sun person was someone that inspired the South Node person or helped them in areas of confidence, inspiring them to express themselves for freely. My moon is in his 8th house.The feeling I felt wasn't love, but it was definitely a depth of attraction I've never felt with anyone.Now I'm not sure, what I should do. Hi Thanks for stopping by, I am sorry for the delay! all this can be discovered in a past life reading where the focus is specific and deciphered through analyzing both charts and all the necessary charts. However with the North Node he can learn a lot about spirituality from you and it might be part of the purpose for your meeting:). Definition, Rechtschreibung, Synonyme und Grammatik von 'nordnordöstlich' auf Duden online nachschlagen. Thanks for the fascinating article! var TOL; New Members: The first guys Venus conducted my south node with a tight orb of 0 and his south node conjucted my moon and his mars squared my north node. Capricorno The Sun person will be highly complimentative of the Node person, increasing the node person's self-esteem. Usually the same past issues resurface, making it difficult to move forward together until the issues are worked through. Leo you are on the right track and what you are doing is a perfect example of what we do as Astrologers. I've been looking for information on north node squares vs conjunctions, and came across your post. Patterns that are very similar between partners from the past, today. You each play a strong role in enlightening one another's life path and there is much to learn from one another. Good Luck and keep me up to date! Cancro Decimo Dodicesima And I met him at the time I was just gettong my divorce .Can you please shed some light about this synastry pattern:) Thanks for your brilliant article:)Warm Regards,D. I recently met a man that i found so familiar. Septile Sole Piazza Demetra. What does it mean if his North node is in my South node? As time passes one or both begin to feel they need more. You can tell a lot by the house placement and the sign one's North Node or South Node are in. Sole Sestile Demetra. Funny little story. I sometimes met him or his family member accidentally.

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