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The consequence of religious uniformity was Nature was regarded as a living force and, in a pantheistic vein, as the expression of God in the universe. His torment arises from an affair with his sister Astarte. The soundtrack underlines the importance of the queen’s words and she is surrounded by light. Stoker changed the name into Count Dracula and turned the character into a vampire, a creature he had read about in folklore and legends. What is the difference between The Rime and the traditional medieval ballads? Student’s activity. setting: influenced by the concept of the sublime, → place: ancient settings, like isolated castles, mysterious abbeys and convents with hidden passages and dungeons, suspense and mystery increased by: supernatural beings, like monsters, vampires, ghosts and witches, aim: to arouse fear in the reader with the threat of realising all the potentialities of the mind beyond reason, plot: often complicated by embedded narratives, characters: perceive the world around them as hostile, → hero: usually isolated either voluntarily or involuntarily; the wanderer or outcast wanders the earth in perpetual exile, usually as a form of divine punishment, → heroine: both afflicted with unreal terrors and persecuted by a villain. Highlighted in pink: simile comparing the speed What other elements come next (lines 51-62)? Complete these sentences about Frankenstein’s perception of his creature (lines 5-6). the cult of the exotic; Jacques Rousseau’s theories influenced the ‘cult of the exotic’, that is, the veneration of what is far away both in space and in time. Do they have any limitations? What constant opposition is expressed in the novel? T. William killed Harold himself. He represented the new middle class that wanted to see their life and ideals portrayed in literature. Performer Heritage 2 Soluzioni.pdf - Free download Ebook, Handbook, Textbook, User Guide PDF files on the internet quickly and easily. With which three senses does Frankenstein perceive the creature? He kept her arms at full tension with his left hand, while with his right hand he gripped her by the back of the neck, forcing her face down on his bosom. Frankenstein sees the dull yellow eye of the creature open. Shylock is a complex character because Shakespeare emphasised his humanity by showing that his hatred of the Christians arose from the mistreatment and abuse he suffered in a Christian society. From the first paragraph find the date, the time of the day, the weather and the source of light. They share an idea of relief, rest and peace. What are the main features of his style? On the left are Elizabeth’s Catholic half-sister and predecessor Mary I and Mary’s husband Philip II of Spain, with Mars, the god of war. The motto of the Society, nullius in verba - ‘on the word of no one’ - was a direct challenge to the dependence of the old philosophy on authorities. He does not seem interested and makes ironical remarks. Trinculo, the king’s jester, and Stephano, the royal butler. The Civil War had begun. Give two reasons why it is still considered relevant. The king dismissed the Petition of Right of 1628 because he thought that he was king by divine right. The Conquest annihilated the English ruling class because many Anglo-Saxon noblemen died in battle, were exiled or dispossessed of their lands. Where did the pilgrims meet? The submission of a savage and his slow transformation according to the coloniser’s standards. He has succeeded in burying his friends and in finding a shelter in a tree for the night. He became a literary critic. Prospero gave Caliban food, taught him his language and gave him human care. Elsinore. They settled south of Hadrian’s Wall because they were lowland rather than upland people and were looking for farming land. No, Lady Macbeth finally does it because Macbeth refuses to go back into the room. Grande attenzione è riservata alla risoluzione dei problemi, con l’obiettivo specifico di far acquisire agli studenti la migliore strategia risolutiva caso per caso. between Becket and the king continued until 29th Primitive, wild landscape or night scenes convey the inner feelings of the poet, connecting his soul with the supernatural and the divine. Solemnity: ‘majesty’ (line 3), ‘splendour’ (line 10), ‘mighty’ (line 14). The novel can be divided into four parts. Thus the king or the queen became the symbol of stability and unity, and the murder of the king/queen was considered as an act against nature which would lead to chaos and disorder. Beauty can also produce a much deeper experience of joy, as Keats affirmed in the opening line of Endymion, ‘A thing of beauty is a joy for ever’. Canterbury Cathedral by four knights claiming However, he had to face He questioned the Ptolemaic system since he held that the sun, and not the earth, was at the centre of the universe. This image is terrifying and reflects the pleasing horror of the sublime violence that exists in nature. John Milton was a remarkable poet of the 17th century, along with John Donne. main representative: Samuel Richardson with They are often given indirectly, hidden in a question or a metaphor. 1746 Battle of Culloden and defeat of the Jacobites The men of letters lost confidence in the individual. His friendship with William Wordsworth was crucial for his literary output. He lends out money gratis and lowers the usurer’s rate (lines 12-13). nature; The Romantic poets regarded nature as a living force and, in a pantheistic vein, as the expression of God in the universe. It was certainly effective for the Elizabethan audience, which was accustomed to use imagination. At the end he commits suicide rather than live without Juliet, which is the ultimate proof of his loyalty and love for her. With a child and the figure of God, therefore with innocence. what the term ‘metaphysical’ means It means ‘concerned with the fundamental problems of the nature of the universe, and man’s function or place in life’. What is he wondering about? The old man understands that the queen is now strong and independent of his advice. Where is Romeo exiled after killing Tybalt? poisoned by her why Shylock is a complex character. Merchant’s attitude Lines 13-16. She managed to create a popular and majestic image of the sovereign who appeared as the defender of a nation and the preserver of peace. How does Juliet’s reflection upon the language There are two types of magic in the play. Are they suited to the Lamb and the speaker? Focus on lines 13-27 and write the lines from the text which refer to these experiences made by Manfred. the importance of the individual; There was new emphasis on the significance of the individual. How do Romeo and Juliet develop throughout the play? be the lord of the land and his central authority Merchant. Highlighted in yellow: stage directions He prays to God to be freed from sin rather than to be rescued from the island. Morality and fashion demanded simplicity and emotional authenticity. How did he arrange his images? First, open fields were enclosed into smaller portions of land to make more efficient arable farms. Macbeth refers to sleep by means of a series of metaphors. J. Who was Sycorax? They convey an idea of sweetness and tenderness that suits the mild, innocent figure of the Lamb; the rhythm is slow and suits the meditative attitude of the poet. 2nd section (lines 5-13): Description of the 1.3 The Norman Conquest and the Domesday Book, 1.5 From Magna Carta to the Peasants’ Revolt, Link to Contemporary Culture: The ballad through time, What is love? There were two doors for entrances and exits. Highlighted in orange: description of the Because it was suitable for wide circulation in cheap magazines and providing ideal entertainment for the reader. High-performance technology and enduring quality, following the Bulova tradition. It is the veneration of what is far away both in space and in time; the picturesque in scenery, the remote and the unfamiliar in custom and social outlook. of 121 radical members. who his first victim is; Duncan, the King of Scotland. This hero is not of any interest for the writer. 1721 Sir Robert Walpole became the first Prime He is middle-aged, well-educated and sensible; he is a careful observer, he takes care of his family and runs his business prudently. duty of military service was replaced with a tax Tick the characteristics of the old ballad form it contains. Elizabeth and Frankenstein’s mother are mentioned in his dream. How does Juliet kill herself? He is also strong enough to kill the monster Grendel with his bare hands by ripping off his arm. The narrative of Hastings was recorded in a the addresser and the addressee; The addresser is the poet and the addressee is the sun. The descriptions of the pilgrims vary in length, point of view and tone some emphasise what the pilgrim wears, some what he/she does or thinks. Comparing Literatures: confronti tra la letteratura italiana e inglese con esercizi di comparazione. (See for example lines 9, 13; 18-20, 38-40). Setting: mysterious abbeys and convents with hidden passages and dungeons; isolated castles; ruins; night-time, Narrative technique: complex plots; embedded narratives, Characters: the wanderer or outcast in perpetual exile; heroine afflicted with unreal terrors and persecuted by a villain; supernatural beings (monsters, vampires, ghosts), Setting: upper and middle levels of society; generally in the English countryside, Narrative technique: third-person narrator; dialogue as the main narrative mode; use of irony, Characters: the country gentry and the urban upper-middle class, Themes: marriage as social and economic status; the complications of love and friendship; money and property; decorum and propriety, Setting: historical context, particularly the period of the Middle Ages, Narrative technique: mix of historical truths and fiction; Sir Walter Scott: extensive use of Scottish dialect to celebrate the glorious past of the country and its independence from England; Alessandro Manzoni: no regional inflections to create a national consciousness, Themes: national identity; history as the product of human decisions. The use of this tense underlines the father-son relationship Highlighted in light blue: words referred to the world after death. Why? Do the lines have a regular rhyme scheme? Her secret lover, Lorenzo. If I profane with my unworthiest hand this holy shrine. ‘Sleep no more! Henry married Elizabeth of York, Edward IV’s daughter, thus uniting the two roses, and became king as Henry VII. What chest does Bassanio choose? the turning point; Line 9 in Sonnet XVIII; line 13 in Sonnets LX. In fact natural elements are turned into supernatural pictures, common colours have a magic effect on the reader. They took place in the nave of churches at first, but soon they moved outside. main features: told through letters exchanged self-doubts and negative emotions. State what taste characterised the novel in the second half of the 18th century. What people does he meet? execution for adultery, the abolition of popular Mary Shelley was interested in science, and particularly chemistry, so that by the time she wrote Frankenstein, she was aware of the latest scientific theories and experiments in the fields of chemistry, evolutionism and electricity. A group of 24 knights, the same number the legendary Arthur had chosen, with high ideals of honour and service. They are the relationship between the individual and society, the contrast between imagination and reason, and marriage. Cromwell also defeated the Scottish Royalists who had crowned Charles I’s son, Charles II, King of Scotland. who becomes King of Scotland at the end. By the use of voice-over. only the poet’s verse will be able to defeat time The Irish flag was added to create the Union Jack that is still used today. Darcy is selfcentred and unsociable. beginning in medias res He was of noble birth, but wild and rough in his manners; his looks were hard, but handsome. This gives a heroic quality to his tragic course of action. Sun: ‘Busy old fool, unruly’ (line 1), ‘Saucy pedantic wretch’ (line 5), ‘Thy beams, so reverend, and strong’ (line 11), ‘half as happy as we’ (line 25). It is his love for Juliet which makes him dynamic and courageous: he risks his life at the Capulets’ house to be near her and later breaks a banishment order risking death, to see her again. T. His first satires were all concerned with religious subjects. Nel primo biennio si propone un’esposizione più essenziale, con riferimento costante alle situazioni reali che non sono meramente descrittive, ma servono a porre domande alle quali verrà data risposta nella trattazionepiù formalizzata del secondo biennio. It is nearly dark, the sky is covered with big, dark clouds. Sir Walter Scott. He has already visited Mr Bingley. A break that divides a line into two halves. the time and place; The scene is set in a bedroom (lines 20, 30) at dawn (lines 1-2). He was a Dissenter, a Protestant who refused the authority of the Church of England. How did he leave the room? W, If I choose, I have the heart of a man. However, his thoughts are for himself and not for his victim. Lizzy (line 42), because she is lively and clever (lines 46-47). Green words: key words are present in the first there was a notable woman from near Bath who Excited laughter; characters more likely to be types than individuals; the ‘fop’ and the ‘gallant’, or ‘fortunate lover’; wit and satire; prose dialogue; realistic picture of life; the theme of marriage linked to the pursuit of sex and money, The growing importance of the middle classes; the belief in the power of reason; the individual’s trust in his own abilities, Puritan morality still played What was nature like? his novel Pamela 1st section (lines 1-20): The dialogue between mother and son. the story; It was related to the world of tradesmen and to the Puritan ethics of the middle classes. Gulliver’s experiences are different because the people among whom he is cast are in no sense children of nature. what Christian teaching lies behind the symbol of the lead casket. T. Chaucer wrote metrical verse in the Northern dialect. He used different levels of speech and action. dialogue and their first kiss. He has studied science and philosophy and tried his mind. The language is elevated with long lists of leaders and their military troops, as well as references to mythical and Christian elements. The monarch had been chosen by Parliament, not by ‘divine right’. consolidated the Reformation in 1559 by How does the play explore the nature of the theatre? In turn, Juliet compares their newfound love to light, primarily to stress the speed at which their romance is moving, but also to suggest that, just as the lightening is a glorious break in the blackness of the night sky, so their love turns out to be a flash, a wonderful glow in a dark world. main representative: Jonathan Swift with his What was its aim? What burns the ship? Coleridge and Percy Bysshe Shelley. Suggestion: Jane Austen is regarded as the master of the novel of manners. They had been lovers (lines 33-34). The stage itself, technically known as an ‘apron stage’, projected into the yard, so that when the theatre was full, the players were surrounded on three sides. Anche qui esercizi legati all’esame del First Certificate (FCE). She would have offered herself to Cruso again and she would have borne him a child. Places she has been: Jerusalem, Rome, The desire to become ‘a part’ of the ‘mountains’ is an important aspect of the Romantic period. shake the medieval code?Juliet’s reflection The audience sat in the dark in galleries, and It shows an objective approach to the events through clear and precise details. She belongs to no characterisation, classification or idealisation: she is a real woman. Where was Beowulf’s corpse laid? More vivid and familiar words began to replace the artificial circumlocutions of 18th-century diction; symbols and images lost their decorative function to assume a vital role as the vehicles of the inner visionary perceptions. Which of the following themes does Wordsworth develop in this poem? he defeated the Danish commander Guthrum He wrote his best works while in voluntary exile in Italy. foreign policy was very cautious. In the first part of the play she shows great strength of will and is the driving force behind her husband. Her suitors must choose among three caskets or chests: the suitor who chooses the one containing Portia’s picture will marry her. He recognises the king as his lord and promises to give him his services in return for land. They are the power of love. Inspiration Classic writers like Horace, Martial and Juvenal. Suggestion: It is always difficult to overcome the thought that Frankenstein should have noticed that the creature was not beautiful before animating him! His desperation seems to have overwhelmed him. He challenged the concept of ideal love and the image of the woman as a remote goddess. When was Keats re-valued? Communication was intimate and direct. They correspond to Coleridge’s primary imagination. Say what themes are introduced in the text. F No other characters are mentioned. The number three is repeated several times. Antonio has abused Shylock both verbally and physically many times. Civility and moderation became new ideals linked to simplicity and emotional authenticity. To raise the question of what happens after death. Why is summer imperfect? thus elected, the so-called Long Parliament. All his aspirations and efforts have been useless and have bound him to damnation and lack of emotions. Cambridge English exams online preparation, free practise test, exercises and video lessons. F The earliest lyrics were religious in tone, but later they became secular, dealing with love and nature. Highlighted in green: description of the The image of ‘death’, often connected with darkness and sickness, and the image of the ‘world’. got very angry, Physical appearance: deaf; bold, handsome, red Lines 17-18. Repetition and alliteration of harsh sounds. Lines 21-23. Performer Fce Tutor Soluzioni - performer fce tutor soluzioni as you such as. Ariel. As in the modern theatre, a curtain separated the Elizabethan audience from the actors. When the poetic process makes the experience available once again, the daffodils ‘flash upon that inward eye / Which is the bliss of solitude’. The fear of something after death is expressed in the image of the unknown country from where no traveller comes back (lines 23-25), which paralyses the will and prevents self-destruction. What did Humanism encourage? Robinson prays to God to be freed from sin rather than to be rescued from the island. They hint at the suffering of hell according to medieval tradition. What does George Gray regret? First generation They built castles to demonstrate and keep their power. Highlight the connotation of the word ‘Gothic’. They take place both in daylight and in the evening. ‘apron stage’, projected into the yard, so that when The last two decades of the 18th century and the first three of the 19th century marked a period of great political concern regarding the outcome of the French Revolution and a season of social unrest and repression by the authorities in Britain. Politics: The landowners, both nobles and gentry, resumed their leadership of society and the newly elected Parliament, the so-called Cavalier Parliament, met in 1661. RAPPRESENTANZE TECNOLOGIE IMPIANTI SRL’s server HACKED, Bruno Consonni, Clara Pizzorno, Vincenzo Ragusa – I perchè della Fisica. How did the audience know the time and place in the play? Rhyme scheme: AABBCCDDEE (deviation: lines 3-4, 23-24). What is this technique called in drama? What is the nature of this feeling? William gathered 3,000 barons to claim the throne of England. I’m glad it is dark so you cannot see me blush. his feelings; He is at first shocked and then desperate. What was he only covered with? Box:Main theme of the text: Prospero is a European who has taken charge of a remote island and gets the local inhabitants work for him. used for collecting the geld, or property tax. B the one which reveals her courage; 3 Julius Caesar invaded Britain in 55-54 BC but the real conquest started in the years 43-47 AD under Emperor Claudius. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Frankenstein and his creature are complementary: they both suffer from a sense of alienation and isolation, both begin with a desire to be good but become obsessed with hate and revenge. In September of the same year he travelled to Italy in an effort to recover his health but died in Rome in February 1821. Their social condition, profession and clothes (lines 30-34). Who disguises herself as a lawyer? main features: episodic in structure; it is What is the Metaphysical conceit? The Elizabethan acting company was a permanent ‘fellowship of players’, and they worked on the basis of a share system. It concerned the medieval relationship between the monarch and the barons, rather than the rights of ordinary people. 1628 The Petition of Right What role does imagination play in his poems? The tales are usually preceded by a prologue, which introduces the theme of the tale, and are sometimes followed by an epilogue. 1793 The French royal family and thousands of people considered as enemies of the Revolution were executed during a period called the ‘Reign of Terror’. It was roofed and artificially lit with candles. In 1455. He did not share the optimism of his age and the pride in England of his contemporaries. Scotland, the king was forced to summon the socalled Short Parliament in 1640, which refused Picture 1: the cult of the Virgin Queen Write down what penalty Shylock establishes. Remaining unbroken, preserving his own identity. The shift to the past simple tense underlines that the poet is recollecting the scene. The reader feels the same sense of exclusion Nothing was real in prison and everything reminds the reader of a nightmare: the setting, the terrible cold, the absence of any human being and the inhuman life conditions. Life is nothing but a flickering light, a passing shadow, an actor playing a part, or a meaningless story (‘brief candle’, ‘walking shadow’, ‘poor player’, ‘tale / Told by an idiot’). What is the poet’s task? How can the physicist claim that love is chemistry? Because they couldn’t bear the unrelenting burden of torture, the continuous boredom, tension and fear, the deprivation of basic necessities like exercise and fresh air, the lack of association with other human beings. How has he reacted? Monologue. Use the adjectives from the box to define them. new societies and peoples employed to satirise He is the [non]-revenger in a revenge play, the [non]-heir to the throne, the [non]-lover of the heroine, the [non]-son to the [non]-father. What were the main features of the Byronic hero? This theme is associated with a chain of images concerned with ‘growth’: babies, seeds, plants and trees. What had happened between Susan and Cruso? They are all linked to the theme of the double. What were the central themes of Shelley’s works? 1st section (lines 1-10): Macbeth’s present inability to react normally. Seyton, the audience or himself? The reign of Denmark is here presented as being corrupted, abused and out of joint Red dots: words referred to Claudius, who is connoted as a beast and given wicked and immoral attributes. Parliament: The ‘Rump’ Parliament, made up Lady Macbeth has a more practical attitude and suggests washing the blood away. French replaced English as the language of government and the elite. were strongly Protestant and denied the king Write the setting next to each group of lines. I cannot deny what I have said. the king, but the conspiracy was found out and Lines 24-27. a repetition of phrases: ‘But they avail not’/‘But this availed not’ (lines 17, 19, 21). Monastic chapels became parish churches and the land of the monasteries was sold, so the new merchant class had access to a landed status that had previously been a privilege of the nobility. the writer’s aim; To write in a simple way in order to be understood even by less well-educated readers. He hates Shylock’s race and abuses him (lines 16, 25). The ghost of Hamlet’s father. He supported English rule in Ireland. Why? Man cannot make his own destiny, but it is his destiny that must find him. The queen says she is as strong as a man. both Romeo and pilgrims pursue an ideal Theatres, race-courses and taverns re-opened, and fashion and gossip replaced religious debate. Nature mirrors the knight’s sorrowful mood. What does Blake associate the Lamb with in the second stanza? the power of fate. After Becket’s murder, Henry II Occasionally he even inserts a sonnet into the dialogue. an army of Royalists and declared war. Official version of the king’s death (ll. Has his transgression brought him punishment? 2nd section (lines 13-28): The knight’s involvement with the lady. How are they related? Inns, pubs and theatres were closed down. Coleridge makes him spectator as well as actor in the drama, so that he can tell even about his worst terrors with the calm of lucid retrospection. The two terms of comparison in the first two quatrains are the ‘fair youth’ and a summer’s day. The contemplation of beauty. He was characterised by proud individualism and the rejection of the conventional moral rules of society. and ‘my verse shall stand’, which underlines that Structure In 1651 Parliament had passed the Navigation Acts, giving a sort of monopoly of trade to British ships. The atmosphere of the whole poem is full of mystery because of the combination of the supernatural and the real, of dream-like, nightmarish elements and visual realism. to give him the money. Fear leads him to the determination to follow the woman and find out who she was. the Peasants’ Revolt. Alfred the Great: He was the King of Wessex, couplet) Van Helsing covered her body with a coverlet, while Art ran out of the room. The old man is going to retire from politics. Does he interpret what he sees for the reader or does he just describe what he sees? ‘common law’, because it was used everywhere. Thirty people - men, women, monks and other members of the clergy, artisans, merchants and also the narrator, Chaucer himself. Canada; George II died One of the greatest Roman engineering projects, description of characters: names, personalities, long narrative poetical composition, type-scenes, dialogue and narration, a series of rapid flashes, narrator, setting in time and place, description of characters, aristocratic and military society, heroes, members of the family, outlaws, supernatural creatures, representatives of the gentry, clergy and middle classes, good vs evil, the glorious past, celebration of the brave deeds of heroes, the spiritual journey, criticism of society, vivid, elevated language, caesura, alliteration, kenning, rhyming couplets, humour, irony and satire. However, Napoleon’s victories in Europe were balanced by Britain’s supremacy at sea. Unlike the lyrics of Shelley and Byron, Keats’s lyrical poems are not fragments of a continual spiritual autobiography. Keats identifies beauty and truth as the only true types of knowledge. Parliamentarians, the king’s opponents, Calm: ‘silent’ (line 5), ‘a calm so deep’ (line 11), ‘at his own sweet will’ (line 12), ‘asleep’ (line 13), ‘lying still’ (line 14). medieval history. 1258 The barons, led by Simon de Montfort, demanded that Henry III summon a Great Council of lords and bishops before deciding all important matters The Wars ended when Richard III, the last Yorkist king, was defeated and killed at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485 by the Lancastrian Henry Tudor, founder of the House of Tudor. What is the central theme of the novel? What is it like? sponsored John Cabot to explore eastern America his ‘true-love’ hell and fire because he has been He introduced high taxes and banned nobles from He turns out to be a magic character since he hypnotises the Wedding Guest (lines 14-18, 38). What does Prospero force Ferdinand to do? What sort of Creator is this one, as opposed to the mild Creator of the Lamb? acts, tragic and bloody incidents, the taste for The demons are the singer’s insecurities, Blood: It symbolises the guilt of murder which sticks to Macbeth’s hands and cannot be washed away. The main causes of the conflict were: both houses were direct descendants of King Edward III the ruling Lancastrian king, Henry VI, surrounded himself with unpopular nobles it was a time of general discontent and unrest there were a number of powerful lords who had their own private armies at their personal command Henry VI was considered to be mentally unstable.

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